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When Gears Go Wrong

The images(which make up most of the post) are missing now(20210622). has the post with images.

I found the post well-worth reading. In fact, a critical addition to learning about Gears-level, in that it helps with when and how to optimize it's use.

Taboo "Outside View"

This post was easy to read. Far easier than a post like this usually manages to be. And It was definitely useful. I realized i have been messing up in some ways described in the post.

Did the Industrial Revolution decrease costs or increase quality?

I feel like this post adds a new dimension to the kind of content that LW can be a home to. I , personally, would love to see more posts like this on LW.

Heuristic: Replace "No Evidence" with "No Reason"

I expect this will be directly useful in my discussions with relatives/friends who are not the LW type. I do have trouble with getting them to 'accept' Bayesian thinking first and then moving on to the topic at hand. Bypassing it this way might give better results. Thank you for this post!

Pain is not the unit of Effort

Thank you! I needed to read this.

Also, A lot of stuff written about here are worse in communities where prosperity is recent or yet to come.