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I'm in Moscow and, despite free healthcare system and the first-search-result commercial clinic being heavily booked up vaccination-wise, lots of the non-first-search-result clinics, by results of my quick roll call, actually have free slots available... the next business day. Call your Russian friends to get them vaccinated or something.

Is it possible to quickly develop (within 24h) respiratory failure or breathing difficulties without having severe onset symptoms (i. e. fever, perhaps chest pain (chest congestion) or unstoppable cough)? Which symptoms exactly should be looked out for? If the possibility of suddenly going straight to blue is unavoidable, what is the distribution of how exactly physically able and mentally coherent you are likely to become when that happens?

(personalized: There's a considerable probability I'm already infected and my isolated space is located in a rather obscure place which is about 1.5km from the nearest road where ambulance can adequately reach me. I need a clear-cut line for when I should orderly organize for me to be transported back to civilization. If this line is not reliable or something goes very wrong, how likely it is that I would be able to walk 1.5km in emergency condition, with -10 Celsius outside, all by myself?)

Does this thread welcome asking for highly personalized advice? I'm stuck with a few possible action options and the explanation is quite lengthy and the answers will probably be relevant to very few. I can't decide whether this thread is only about posting globally useful things or not.