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Qria's Shortform

Really good point. Though I would argue that most deadlined life goals have deadlines only because of mortality itself. I’m trying to think of an example of a life goal with deadline even if immortality is achieved, but it seems hard to find one.

Qria's Shortform

Why is longevity not the number 1 goal for most humans?

Any goal you'd have would be achieved better with sufficent longevity.

Naturally, eternal life is the first goal of my life.

But to achieve this, global cooperative effort would be required push the science forward.

Therefore nowadays I'm mostly thinking about why longevity seems not in most people's concern.

In my worldview, longevity should be up there with ESGs in decision making process.

But in reality, no one really talks about it.

In conclusion I have two questions:

Is putting longevity over any other goal a rational decision?

And if so, why isn't general population on board with it?

On Long and Insightful Posts

Thank you for your thoughtful response. I am still getting used to this site so excuse me if I had made any faux pas.

I agree that longer articles with multiple bullet points are easier to refute in parts. However I think majority of the claims should be falsified to falsify the whole argument. For example, you have made 3 points to refute my argument. If I refute only 1 of your point, I believe your point still stands. Therefore I have to present counter argument for more claims. Start of the refute was easier but ultimately it seems harder.

Perhaps the wording could be improved. I have edited the article to reflect this.

Regarding your second claim, I agree that the point of a blog post isn't to make it easy to refute. However I believe that the point of the blog article is to get the argument across and have an insightful discussion. Because refutability is a key element in rational discussion, thus articles that have better refutability is more constructive.

About refuting an entire post versus part I believe this is where we might have a disagreement. I still believe that refuting only part of the post does not refute the argument of the post, therefore less valuable for the discussion. Therefore refuting entire post will hopefully be rewarded extra internet points by the community for contributing to the discussion more.