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Something I've recently started that I've found to be beneficial is deliberately practicing friendliness / extroversion / accepting "scary" social invitations that I previously would've rejected.

I've only been doing it for a couple of months, and I'm already seeing benefits like improved confidence, new friends / interesting conversations, and a deeper love for humanity.


Hmm.. the second iteration of the second prompt isn't able to be pasted in that comment for some reason. Here it is:


This is a great example of how even a single iteration on the prompt can vastly improve the results.

Here are the results when using your quotes exactly:

Pretty dreadful! But here they are, with the exact same prompt, except with ", digital art" appended to it:


Unfortunately, the 2nd prompt violates the content policy (violence)


I could see your mother having a promising career in QA


It did a fairly decent job, though it apparently prefers the colorized versions being on top.

Note that getting DALL-E to work well is a bit like GPT-3: you can usually get much better results by making a few iterations on the prompt.


Cool idea. It seems that it isn't great at this, as only a few of the generations had exactly 7, but they are mostly all around there (6 or 8):


I can post a few more non-cherry-picked generations here, if there are some captions / prompts anyone would like to try.

edit: alright, I should try to get at least a little bit of work done today. might come back to generate some more later

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