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Hey Valentine, I really like this post. I think it hits on some key things that traditional LW culture was missing for a while. Was wondering if you've ever encountered The Conscious Leadership Group (https://conscious.is/)- they explicitly train some techniques similar to what you're describing here (as well as some quite different ones).

Cool, thanks for sharing! Hadn't heard of Metaphor before.

I might be able to code up an 'editing' pass to catch things like that!

Have spent some time playing with reversible CAs, and can confirm that they are very interesting. They are a great example of how provable high-level properties (things like conservation of gliders) can come out of low level properties (reversibility).

This is absolutely hilarious, thank you for the post. 

Thanks for the post! I think asking AI Capabilities researchers to stop is pretty reasonable, but I think we should be especially careful not to alienate the people closest to our side. E.g. consider how the Protestants and Catholics fought even though they agree on so much.


I like focusing on our common ground and using that to win people over. 

Ooof. Rated down to -8 without any comments as to why! If you downvoted, totally legit, just would appreciate if you could share some of your thoughts so I can learn. 

Please comment! Excited to hear everyone’s thoughts and feedback on these ideas.


Guidelines: please try to keep it positive and constructive, even when providing critical feedback. But my door is open for anything!

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