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This is fascinating -- thanks! -- but I'm skeptical of some of the conclusions. While the faculty-to-student ratio has increased, this may not correspond to an increase in actual instructors rather than administrators. For example, my university (Univ. of Oregon) will [hire yet another Diversity administrator](https://uomatters.com/2022/06/diversity-vp-wont-do-her-job-so-provost-phillips-is-hiring-a-second-one.html), but this is a 0.5x position and will certainly be a faculty member -- someone who counts as 1 in the numerator of faculty-to-student ratio, but as 0.5 in actual instructional (or research) effort. Similarly, we are creating two half-time "VP for student success" positions. This is not uncommon. 

I also don't think looking at the course catalog is a good measure of course offerings. The catalog expands, often with courses that were formerly regularly offered, but aren't offered often now. At least at my university, looking at the course schedule gives a more accurate sense of what's actually being taught. This isn't easy to do, though.