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A side opinion of religion. Religion is not just the old testament, new testament, or kuran. It's more like a phenomenological and narrative-laden way of describing the world. For ex- a group of people who live on an island automatically believe that the world is a piece of land floating on the water, and they are standing under a dome of a blue sheet of the sky, the center of everything. Because that's what their individual and shared experience will be at that moment.

This is not very useful for sending rockets to the moon, but it is very useful to navigate or survive in harsh conditions. It also keeps the history of the people in shared stories. It builds the culture, the food, the clothing, the rituals, etc. Yes, most of what is written in all religious books is factually and scientifically wrong, as you would expect because they didn't have the means of understanding them. But there's some everlasting truth also. It's not written well so it's easy to misinterpret.