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Answer by RainOct 22, 202241

The novel After Life by Simon Funk has quite a few flashbacks to the world prior humanity's end, though it takes more than a year. I find it one of the more hopeful stories in the genre.

Your periodic reminder that in 1947, New York City vaccinated ~6.35 million people (80% of their population) for smallpox in less than a month. If you do not think we can do this, what changed to make it impossible?

What changed? We started looking for every possible negative consequence of rolling out vaccines that quickly, and then working to mitigate each and every one.

Neat. I work for DLA. Thanks for the update.

Thank you very much for the insightful news. I consider these posts essential reading.

Once again, thank you for these incredibly informative posts.

Thank you for all this useful information and analysis.

Thank you very much for posting these.

I agree it fits well here. However, it has a very different tone from other posts on the MIRI blog, where it has also been posted.

Laziness. Though I note Stuart_Armstrong had the same opinion as me, and offered even fewer means of improvement, and got upvoted. I should have also said I agree with all points contained herein, and that the message is an important one. That would have reduced the bite.

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