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An analytic framework that takes multiple comparisons etc. into account and lets you see if any correlations are statistically significant.


Two issues, one of which I did not think of, out of like 20.

EDIT: I suspect, including from my own experience, that many problems can be solved without resorting to advanced statistics. Often by using through experimental procedure instead. Like eliminating a food type for a month then not doing an intervention for a month. Repeat. Trying out medications sounds like it should be done safely.  This safety can only be achieved by monitoring vital signs and analyzing them using advanced statistics. 

Is there a way to help users collect and analyze the data without needing to be a statistics expert? 

Collection is really just a matter of finding the right devices and taking the time to use them. Analysis outside of immediate obvious effect can become difficult. If the effect is subtle and drowned in other effects, or hard to measure. If the intervention is not something user can easily or wants to reproduce.  If the effect take long time to build up, or is shifted in time from intervention. If the successful effect only happens under several conditions or several interventions together. If the spray and pray approach is dangerous. If the spray and pray approach only hits gold once in  a while. Multiple comparison problem (see wikipedia).  If user is bad at keeping records. There are probably more. There are many many apps that just do correlation and none that do anything more.  Here is a list of both problems and apps.

In my case it turned out to be manufactured food and gluten.  This post is very similar to Quantifed Self movement. 

Also please remember that side effects and drug interactions are a thing. Anything with a real effect can hurt you. I gave a very caveated suggestion of BosPro to someone on Twitter and it caused something akin to niacin flush in them. This is the same brand that does nothing to me but makes me better at digestion and uninterested in sugar.

What if the problem or the negative consequence of some intervention is hard to detect? I know this is not a popular opinion but anyone trying spray and pray really really should track their basics like HRV,  Mood and cognitive ability.


EDIT: The other way to spray and pray in one huge chunk is to move to a different country. A large number of variables change when you do. In my case moving to Mexico helped because there are many restaurants that make food from scratch and bakeries that seem to make food without gluten. 

So this will be on sept 21 right? 

Excuse me for the necro. I think saying all the synonyms is better than letter based constraining. If the word that fits the constraint is found later than most other synonyms, the act of checking for the constraint takes longer than just listing. According to the 20 rules of formatting knowledge by Wozniak, its better for the mind to follow a set path even if it is longer, and that is the act of making a list.  It is probably good to have sets of synonyms memorized for writing. Adding a constraint makes the question longer, which is something Wozniak advises against.

Someone should make a game/simulation of these things. Let the layman learn how to navigate politics and let the sociologists plan better.  This is the only way to get real answers, given the extreme political nature of the issue. Ok, so there is but the games for laymen (like the sims) listed are mostly bad and certainly do not simulate office politics. 

The internet is filled with BS. There are a million health tracking devices. The most reliable of these are either FDA certified medical devices and therefore the company that makes them will be punished for misrepresentation, or Open Source and therefor extremely transparent. Might similar rules apply to charities? 

Seems to test something different from 15 minute games.

The Elo on sites depends on the player base lots and lots. 

The AI on lichess sometimes makes clearly worse moves than the ones I made. There is also room for much more in depth analysis like drop, fork, defensiveness, etc. I switched from chess to Anki and Amphetype because, while not nearly as fun, they also taught me a skill. I will get back to chess when I find an affordable automatic board.  Cognitive tracking is often discussed on reddit or the QS forums.

 Exist a few papers on the subject of chess as a test of cognition. 

"Using  within-player  comparisons,  we  find  a  statistically  and  economically  significant  decrease  in  performance  when  competing  online  compared  to  competing  offline."  Steffen Künn 2020

DB RCT Coffee causes "more reflective decision making processes. When not under time pressure," Franke 2017

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