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Great question!

I used an advanced type of Pomodoro technique, which is Forest.

Forest is a very pleasant way to time your tasks and breaks. It's actually great that they have time for breaks, but they make it organized and restricted.

Habitica is a great way too. You earn points for completing tasks. Actually, any app that allows you to strike out tasks will do the job. I use an Excel sheet too, which also allows me to track my progress using a progress bar (just start out a new sheet from a ready template that does that).

I also use Time Spend on Facebook. Does what it says. This is a little bit of a shaming but does the work, so it's controversial for me.

Now I use Mindful Browsing, which like Forest, is also a pleasant way not to get distracted while browsing.

As you can see, pleasantness is very important for me. I don't want to feel guilty. This is why I try now and then to go off these apps and extensions, but when my exams appoach I'd rather not to take a chance and to do use them.