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Great ending. The Hero walked his path and become a Mentor. Situation changed dramatically, something really happened as the result of the Hero's actions. But they still have challenges ahead, unanswered questions and things to do. It's much better ending than simple and boring "and they lived happily ever after".

Excellent work, Eliezer!

I though that Death Eaters mostly had only one child, not 2-3.

"Sheila, Flora, and Hestia Carrow. Lost both their parents last night. Students who have lost their fathers include Robert Jugson. Ethan Jugson. Sara Jugson. Michael MacNair. Riley and Randy Rookwood. Lily Lu. Sarah Sproch. Daniel Gibson. Jason Gross. Elsie Ambrose..."

He is not saving Tom Riddle. He is saving millions by keeping Tom Riddle alive.

Why would Harry resurrect Death Eaters and not common people, who are dying in millions all over the world?

This is the real magic, when you see something impossible happening. I had no idea how you can realistically beat immortal and powerful dark wizard.One "Obliviate" and your perspective shifts and that's it. It now looks pretty simple despite being impossible 5 minutes ago.

My theory about HPMOR and what is going on.

"Voldemort's final avenue is to seduce a victim and drain the life from them over a long period; in which case Voldemort would be weak compared to his former power."

But raw power is nothing compared to intellect and Harry Potter seems like the best possible candidate for resurrecting this way.

  • Quirrell and Harry both have a dark side, and dark sides are parts of Volondemort soul. They are horcruxes basically.

  • Quirrell's dark side took control over good old Quirinus Quirrell. He is in the same condition Harry was when he was under dementation.

  • Quirrell is trying to push Harry to his dark side. He tried dementation, he tried to take all Harry's money and friends away, he killed Hermione. And he gave Harry his diary to "seduce a victim and drain the life from them over a long period".

What we will see next? Quirrell doesn't have much time so he will act now.

I think Quirrell will kill Dumbledore and provoke Harry to fight against Death itself. They need a Dumbledore wand + resurrection stone + Harry's cloak + magic resonance + some Quirrell's and Harry's wisdom. And I don't think that we will see happy ending. There will be a disaster.

If plan fails then Voldy has a golden plate on Voyager as a backup horcrux.

p.s. Apologize for my English :)