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>There is no evidence that anti-aging is psychologically what's driving the AI race


Sure. As I've said, I'm just speculating. I think it's extremely hard to get evidence for this, since people don't talk openly about it. Those of us who admit publicly that we want to live forever (or indefinitely long) are excepcional cases. Even most people working in longevity will tell you that they don't care about increasing our lifespan, that they just want us to be healthier. Sam Altman will tell the media that he has no interest in living forever, that he just wants to "add 10 years of healthspan" (cause that's the moderate thing to say)... and then sign up with Nectome for mind-uploading. I think actions speak louder than words. 

The immortality/radical life extension/living forever/not dying topic is extremely taboo, and most people will keep dancing around it. Heck, a lot of them will tell you that they would never want to live forever while symultaneously believing in religions that promise them eternal life. There are no limits to the cognitive dissonance that people are willing to embrace regarding this topic.

So no, I don't have evidence to back up my claim.

According to Eliezer, free will is an illusion, so Shane doesn't really have a choice.

Yeah, but let's be honest; oil barons don't think climate change is going to kill them. Capitalism may produce all sorts of coordination problems, but personal survival is still the strongest incentive. I think Google execs wouldn't hesitate to stop the research if they were expecting a paperclip maximizer.

You've deleted the first part of your comment cause you probably realized it didn't make much sense, but I'm going to answer to it anyway. You made a comparison between solving the alignment problem and predicting the price of a stock, and that's just not right. Google execs don't have to solve the alignment problem themselves, they just have to recognize its existence and its magnitude, in the same way that retail investors don't have to build the AGI themselves, they just have to notice that it's going to happen soon.

The efficient market hypothesis? Are you serious? So... you're saying the world is going to end and nobody is doing anything to avoid it, but I can't say that a stock is going to appreciate and nobody is buying.

Who are those latest people? Do you have any examples?

But he's not a doomer like you. Aren't you pissed at everyone who's not a doomer?

Fair enough. Have you already told Rohin Shah to go fuck himself?

Well, Google already has cash to build an AGI 20 times over. I don't think you can blame human extinction on average Joes who buy shares right before the end of the world.

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