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Open Thread, May 19 - 25, 2014

working for my cheap mobile phone, not for my new laptop with IE. Which is a shame, because it's a very good post, but I'm going to be way behind to contribute to any comment threads.

edit: Shame for me, I mean, not for the observer concerne with signal to noise ratio.

Open Thread, May 19 - 25, 2014

You can't justify a point, but you could justify a range by speficfying temperatures where it becomes uncomforable. Actually, specifying a range is just specifying the give point with less resolution.

Rationality Quotes April 2014

In what way is "deserve" a matter of fact?

Rationality Quotes April 2014

Depending on the outcome specificied and the type of feelings attended to, of course.

Open Thread March 31 - April 7 2014

Youtube + "econstories". :) (Preferably not just that, but it's good and if you haven't seen it you should.)

Open thread, 18-24 March 2014

Everyone knows utilitarians are more likely to break rules.

(This is mostly a joke based on the misspelling. I know a sophisticated utilitarianism would consider the effect of widespread lawbreaking and not necessarily break laws so much as to be overrepresented in prison)

Irrationality Game III

I guess if you read it loosely. I think the official LW position would be (correct me if I am wrong) an em of kokotajlod that has high enough fidelity to replicate his decision making process is him; what he is is a particular set of hueristics, instincts, etc, that accompany his body but could theoretically exist outside it. That does match his statement if one reads it as refering to something more like a platonic concept than a spiritual essence.

Irrationality Game III

Horrified we allowed wildlife to go on? What alternative do you propose?

Open Thread: March 4 - 10

Personally I find usually more interesting material in the open threads than the discussion area or the main. I take this to mean I am at least somewhat outside of the core target audience of the site.

Open Thread February 25 - March 3

I don't think he was jumping to malice, rather delusion or bias.

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