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haha, I guess that would be the most reasonable conclusion. :D

Yes, I understand. But the link to the subscription given by the author also asks the subscribers to pay around 7,00,000 dollars for a yearly subscription, and about  58,000 dollars for a monthly subscription. The amount asked by the author is not given bitcoins but in dollars.

Thank you, Ben, for your swift reply.  I noticed that you mentioned that a monthly subscription costs about 1  bitcoin or about 13 dollars, but according to Google and Coindesk 1 bitcoin is about 58,000 dollars today. It is possible that I may have misunderstood your words or it is due to my lack of knowledge about cryptocurrency, I would appreciate it If you could dispel my doubts.

Though this seems like a great idea, unfortunately, It is far too expensive for me to afford. Is there any other way for people from less privileged countries to access it?