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What do you think of the idea of an RPG type game where the quests are designed to trigger biases in people, and that required clear thinking to win at? I'd be a big fan of a game that required you to read quests and think about them, and moved away from the 'track arrow, kill everything en route' ...(read more)

Can I vote Discordianism? Knowing how silly it all is is a property of the text, Isn't that helpful?

Well, I'm not personally capable of building AI's, and I'm not as deeply versed as I'm sure many people here are, but, I see an implementation of Bayes theorem as a tool for finding truth, in the mind of a human or an AI or whatever sort of person you care to conceive of / display, whereas the mind ...(read more)

I think even a perfect implementation of Bayes would not in and of itself be an AI. By itself, the math doesn't have anything to work on, or any direction to do so. Agency is hard to build, I think.

As always, of course, I could be wrong.

Perhaps I missed yours? Rationality requires the ability to challenge social pressure, certainly. Are you questioning whether this procedure picks rationalists from nonrationalists? If so, and on its own, I don't argue that it would, just that it would probably be one member of a larger set of te...(read more)

Nobody else seems to have added this response, so I will. We don't know that this moment, in the ritual room, is the only test they undergo. Perhaps one's ability to take a written exam is part of the public procedures. Perhaps a great open exam where anyone who wants to can sit it, running near ...(read more)