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Eth: 0x1E9f00B7FF9699869f6E81277909115c11399296

Btc: bc1qegk25dy4kt2hgx0s6qla8gddv09cga874dr372


So far I have paid out $6164 and I stand to make $515,000 if I win. I appreciate your incentive offer.

I'm Currently on Vacation, I will follow up on this in a week

Glad to have made this bet with you!

An Update: I have now paid out $4864 to 9 different bettors. From this point on I will only be accepting offers with at least 150:1 odds. I would love to make more bets, so feel free to reach out with offers at any point. Thanks to everyone who has already finalized bets with me. 

  1. I do not have any non-public information about ufos/uap.
  2. Sure

Please verify reception of funds and confirm our bet https://blockstream.info/tx/ab7173abec208a6eda17bdf1b75668bc5e6efe46356f40109125a42962bfb9e2

Please confirm reception of funds https://etherscan.io/tx/0x0104a0005a62af25a86d9d3573c02e0715860309b3a66e1370efec7533b41ffa

Awesome! DM me and we can figure out payment options

Sounds good to me! I will send $200 worth of bitcoin to this address sometime today

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