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What Comes After Epistemic Spot Checks?

Excuse me for asking an off topic question, but forecasting tournament? That sounds like the incredibly nerdy kind of thing I'd enjoy.

Why Ranked Choice Voting Isn't Great

Am I correct in thinking that these problems are more obvious when using ranked-choice to elect a single candidate? When electing a number of people, it would be much better than just picking in order of number of votes.

Invisible Choices, Made by Default

Out of curiosity, how is Anki better than Duolingo? I used Duolingo to learn the basics, then learned from actually reading material in the language. Is Anki suited for anything other than vocabulary extension? I find Duolingo way better for getting a feel for grammar.

Give praise

I don't know if I am a satisficer when it comes to social needs. I only ever seem to be more desperate for social connection, even when I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of time I spend with other people. Perhaps I have higher social need than my introverted self can handle?