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More importantly, it forces constant, exponential economic growth. Jormungard has to grow faster than he eats himself, or the world collapses.

I got bogged down in the section on the development and spread of torture by electricity.

I thought it got too ugly for you and you just gave up in disgust at the senseless brutality.

You mean that "actual democracy" would be better than "representative government"?

Actually, starting a lobby with the goal of legalizing apostasy sounds like a good idea...

You mean in terms of Body Horror?

Seeing improvements in ways that are immediately tabgible is very encouraging and motivating.

People do have an astoundingly aggravating ability to compartimentalize these things, though: see "Outside The Laboratory".

Privileged Rituals of Thought?

Thank you for helping me remember what it felt like to think that way. The Dark Side Will Make You Forget indeed... :P

Well, I absolutely agree with all that you just said. But still, knowing what sentences the judge can dole out is important. The problem with mob-rousing stuff such as apostasy... or Frankenstein-monster raising, or being Black, or a Hugonot, or an adulterer, depending on context... is that you could easily be subjected to "mob justice", and there would be impunity for your murderers: Pontius Piwatus keeps his hands cwean, and evewyone is happy (the dead can't compwain).

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