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Nice to see the Focusing/Gendlin link (but it's broken!)

Are you familiar with "Getting To Yes" by Ury and the Harvard mediators? 

They were initially trained by Marshall Rosenberg, who drew on Gendlin and Rogers. I don't know if Double Crux works, but NVC mediation really does.  Comparison studies for effectiveness would be interesting!

For more complex/core issues, Convergent Facilitation by Miki Kashtan is brilliant, as is by Dominic Barter, who is very insightful on our unconscious informal "justice systems".

Fast Consensing, Sociocracy and Holacracy are also interesting.

EAs invented neither effectiveness nor altruism, as Buddha, Quakers, Gandhi, Elizabeth Fry, Equiano and many others can attest!

EAs tend to be slow/behind the curve on coms and behavioural science and Implementation Science, and social science/realpolitik in general. But they do learn over time.

selenium may be more important than zinc:

find others in your area who have similar sun exposure to you, and see if any of them were tested

ask a local doctor about local levels

see the maps/prevalences here:

What about male vs female?

Might be important in whatever the mechanism is, in relation to hormones / steroids / cholesterol / SiRT-one pathway and D3.

Could someone look at whether the underlying explanation for this could be SIRT-1 pathway, which involves zinc, nicotinic acid/niacin/B3 and D

Here is a list of studies* I collated which seem to support that possibility and point to effective low-cost actions.

BMI does have an impact on D3 requirement. More sunlight exposure is required to get adequate B3 serum levels in older people, and of course this exposure is down due to skin cancer advice, lockdowns and urbanisation.

Re Diabetes: it appears that covid infection may profoundly impact ketone levels in diabetes, so some endocrinologists are advising people to monitor ketone levels more than usual, and this might be part of what's going on.

*NB please ignore all the studies and reviews which focus on osteoporosis, which is a rather different issue - here we're looking at prophylaxis of respiratory viruses