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I am trying to bring the context, so I don't appeal to be circumventing the ban in some disingenuous way.

But I won't talk about [thing that got me banned] unless someone asks me specifically, I guess.

Should I redact my posts if they have any mention of [thing that got me banned]?

Or should I say, "sorry, to if I were to truthfully answer your question, I would have to talk about [thing that got me banned], and I am not allowed to do that".

Well, I was an aspiring rationalist when I had my mental health break.

And I still feel like I am

I feel like I still am acting on rationality-as-I-understand it.

What, exactly, makes you a “rationalist”?

And what, exactly, makes me "not a rationalist"?

Thank you!

I agree 100%

These are very good disclaimers about my claims to make.

Because they "might" be true in some mundane way, but so what?

And for them to be true in some extraordinary way, well where's the evidence? Where is the extraordinary evidence?

As so I must conlude I am simply a delusional human.

And you are right.



I think we are in agreement

I feel that you see me

Do I see you?

Do you feel I understand your position?

What language do you use in the meetups? I'm thinking of coming, but I don't speak Danish, only English and Swedish.

Yeah. I have considered that.

There's overlap between empathy and therapy/psychiatry, but also important differences.

Though working with some kind of therapy might suit my personality, and the way I want to work.

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