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My impolite assumption is that you want to discuss having plans for when things go abyssal, but I don't think the current economical turbulence is a good example. What's happening is natural, a reaction to mindless tampering. What would that plan look like? "If we tamper too much, lets tamper some more in THIS way instead". The thought of stop tampering will not occur to them.

The underlying problem is that the ones in charge don't understand human nature. They they don't understand people, they don't understand themselves, and think economics is something unrelated to what makes people people tick. In a couple hundred years, I believe current economic theories will be regarded they same way as alchemy. If things doesn't go abyssal before then.(Is it not depressing to go around thinking like this all the time?)

I guess people prefer to think about how to make the worst case not happen rather than plan what to do when/if they get there. What are the possible bad outcomes, what lies outside our control and how can we minimize the risk. Emergency plans are good for things we have little control over, like natural disasters(disregarding that they can avoid building huge cities at stupid locations, and subsidize rebuilding them when they are wiped out). People like to think they understand economics and therefor can control it. Problem is that reality doesn't fit their model.

Oh, and I don't claim to have anything close to a complete understanding of people. But you don't need to understand everything to see that someone else doesn't get it either.