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So far hardly any feedback on places & no restaurant recommendations. If I get no more responses by tomorrow I'll just search the net for a well-reviewed restaurant that's walkable-to from Montgomery Theater, good for groups, accepting of casual attire and hopefully not too crowded/noisy (with a pri...(read more)

Excellent post. Please write more on ethics as safety rails on unseen cliffs.

Nazir, a secret hack to prevent Eliezer from deleting your posts is here. #11.6 is particularly effective.

Ah, I see...

<i>other events may be offered at the same time, and I can not predict such events.</i>

As far as Eliezer is currently aware, Saturday night should be clear.

<i>I meant some of you singularity-related guys may want to meet me at other times, possibly at my apartment.</i>

I'd love to...(read more)

Oops, misinterpreted tags. Should read:

It's 3am and the lab calls. Your AI claims [nano disaster/evil AI emergence/whatever] and it must be let out to stop it. It's evidence seems to check out.

<p>Even if we had the ultimate superintelligence volunteer to play the AI and we <i>proved</i> a gatekeeper strategy "wins" 100% (functionally equal to a rock on the "no" key) that wouldn't show AI boxing can possibly be safe.</p>

<p>It's 3am and the lab calls. Your AI claims and it must be let ou...(read more)

<p>If there's a killer escape argument it will surely change with the gatekeeper. I expect Eliezer used his maps the arguments and psychology to navigate reactions &amp; hesitations to a tiny target in the vast search space.</p>

<p>A gatekeeper has to be unmoved every time. The paperclipper only ha...(read more)

I'm not saying this is wrong, but in its present form, isn't it really a mysterious answer to a mysterious question? If you believed it, would the mystery seem any less mysterious?

Hmm. You're right.


<blockquote>it doesn't explain why we find ourselves in a low-entropy universe rather than a high-entropy one</blockquote>

<p>I didn't think it would solve all our questions, I just wondered if it was both the simplest solution and lacking good evidence to the contrary. Would there be a <i>higher</...(read more)

<blockquote>Eliezer: <i>imagine that you, yourself, live in a what-if world of pure mathematics</i> </blockquote>

<p>Isn't this true? It seems the simplest solution to "why is there something rather than nothing". Is there any real evidence against our apparently timeless, branching physics being p...(read more)