D&D.Sci III: Mancer Matchups

Demon is chaotic evil, cannot directly influence events, and has no direct knowledge of the situation. The demon doesn't know which side actually summoned him. Therefore, advice should literally be random.

Seven Years of Spaced Repetition Software in the Classroom

Thank you for the detailed response! I used it for learning knot tying. It seemed to work, wanted to know if anyone else had tried it for anything like that.

Seven Years of Spaced Repetition Software in the Classroom

Did you get IRB approval for these human studies on children?

Are you familiar with Direct Instruction, which is reminiscent of the Mennonite school?

Have you ever tried SRS for muscle memory?

What other peptide vaccines might it be useful to make?

Thank you for educating me.

Existing approaches to toxoids like aflatoxin and ricin use specially built molecules where something immunoreactive is modified to be bonded to an antigen. A peptide vaccine that doesn't require the chemistry would be pretty cool.

The vaccine for morphine works the same way. The immune system recognizes the opiate pharmacophore and binds to it, so that opiates don't bind to their receptors and therefore, heroin rats don't get high.

What other peptide vaccines might it be useful to make?

I've always wondered if it could be used for organic fungal toxins and other common airborne hazards

What's your best alternate history utopia?

Aldous Huxley's introduction to the unfinished 'Hopousia' by JD Unwin was always inspiring, I can't come up with a good block quote to leave here, but if you're into utopias, you might like it. I haven't gone and read the rest of the book, so maybe as far as forwards go, it isn't so great.

A No-Nonsense Guide to Early Retirement

I've seen the advice to buy only if you plan to be in the area for ten years and that if you do buy, to get the longest term fixed mortgage you can, with the monthly payment at what you'd be willing to pay in rent

The rationale is that since the bank can't call it in at any time (like they could in the 1930s), you can live there as long as you're making the payments. If the house has appreciated in value when you're ready to move, sell and receive the equity. If the house has declined in value, the mortgage is only collateralized by the house (is this typical?), so either convert it to a rental property (with a rent rate that brings mortgage plus maintenance to breakeven) until the market recovers, or just walk away from it and view the money spent as 'rent' paid to the bank instead of a landlord.

A No-Nonsense Guide to Early Retirement

Got anything on optimal rates of annual spending?

If I'm reading this correctly, one should identify an optimal rate of spend, acquire as many multiples of that rate as possible, and invest everything above it.

I conceive of needs using the a 'STIMS' concept. Everyone needs shelter, transportation, income, medical, and social engagement for themselves and their dependents. I class things like servants to 'buy back' your time as 'social'.

I wonder what the numbers for all of those that hit the point of diminishing returns are. Arguably, thanks to veblen goods, social can really grow without limit, and medical at the extreme end can probably get pretty high (100 million dollar endowments for a family member's medical condition a la ron perelman)

Apply to Effective Altruism Funds now

I've got some partial outlines for what I think are interesting sci-fi that I've wanted to pay to have ghostwritten or turned into a short film. Is this the right place for that?

Are we prepared for Solar Storms?

When you see the sephirot in the sky....

Paper is long, but I find the description of ancient humans across the world independently doing science (observing and recording observations about the natural world) to be incredibly inspiring, especially because I am fortunate enough to live in an age when this phenomenon can be understood.

The talk from the author on youtube was worth the time for me, but maybe not for you unless you really like the paper.

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