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Unethical Human Behavior Incentivised by Existence of AGI and Mind-Uploading

1 min read
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What standard is your baseline for a safe AGI?

If it is 'a randomly generated AGI meeting the safety standard is no more dangerous than a randomly selected human intelligence', this proposal looks intended to guarantee no worse performance than an average case human alignment.

Not sure it hits tha...(read more)

Based on the content of the initial op-ed, I am confident in my assertion.

Based on long familiarity with Kissinger's work, he knows that not even he is immune to the dunning-kruger effect and takes steps to mitigate it. I assess that this op-ed was written after an extremely credible effort to inf...(read more)

Can you think of an AI catalyzed x risk where technologies that worsen risk are likely to succeed in the market, while technologies that reduce it are unlikely to succeed in the market due to coordination or capital problems?

If the answer is yes, you need either the government or philanthropy.

How would you suggest disclosing a novel x risk, or a novel scheme for an AGI that the originator believes has a reasonable chance of succeeding?

Questions about priors:

Are you assessing that the rate of false accusations from an individual is correlated positively, negatively, or not at all with the rate of actual rapes experienced by those individuals?

Do you model the probability of an individual experiencing abuse as random, negatively...(read more)

The space warre scenario in the linked paper is a logical consequence of extant technologies, with increases in scale rather than major technical leaps being the primary hurdle.

We can either get good at solving collective action problems like the space-warre scenario, or we can fail to make it to ...(read more)

I am not an AI, but I am an I.

I dislike repetitive physical activities like jogging and weightlifting. I do the bare minimum to stay in shape and try to focus on less repetitive or more technical physical tasks for my fitness. Arguably, the act of high volume human to human data transfer is a very...(read more)

Charities that work with victims of torture rarely put actual victims in front of cameras to try to drive donations, as they're rarely sympathetic, in large part due to visible mental and physical consequences of the abuse they suffered. Adults who were victims of severe and prolonged child abuse ar...(read more)