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Except for the digit lengths, survey taken!

It seems that I only comment here when I take the survey and remain a lurker otherwise.

(Survey taken)

I too have taken the survey, it's been some time since I commented.

Same here. I had to downgrade all my beliefs which were based on hard psychology textbooks. I was hardly aware of such prevalence of scientific fraud, in the field of psychology. On a side note, what about the psychological studies oft quoted in the sequences? How much can they be trusted?

Hello everyone!

I am Jayesh Kumar Gupta. I am from Jodhpur, India. I have been interested in rationality for some years now. I came across this site via HPMOR. I had been reading posts on the site for some years now, while trying to wade my way through the gigantic Sequences, but was not confident enough to join this group, (people here seem to know so much). Right now I am an undergraduate student at IIT Kanpur. Hopefully I too will contribute something to the site in the future.