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Up to this point, in the thread, there have been 2 possible explanations given for why a 5-year old professional exam has different results than a current online one:

-personality changes over a long time-scale (5 years, etc)

-scoring differences between professionals and automated counters.

The...(read more)

I feel like this quote is probably intended to be a joke. But, I have to ask anyway:

I always heard this quote as "never attribute... explained by ignorance," with the moral being that ignorance is repairable, but malice is a (presumably?) permanent character trait. Is incompetence supposed to be a...(read more)

Down-voted due to political phrasing (despite shared political-party membership).

> Does this mean that my art, my path, is now tainted by "male, American, middle-class, white, named Adam, human, born in 1984"? I think, in a nit-picky and causal sense, the answer is yes. The key phrase in the quote above is that this art becomes "tied into every part" of ourselves.

I think we ne...(read more)

Out of curiosity, why 4?

As I understood this post, there is an argument that: - posters who want to signal will use formality - only persuaders want to signal - the reader should be suspicious of anyone who writes formally

In general, IAWYC, but I think that we may be ignoring the fact that signal-recognition has legitima...(read more)

I'm not sure how ironic I should find it that my procrastination site is now actively discussing anti-procrastination methods. -rela

>Most of this is part of some silly game which women play amongst themselves: some of it may be male-directed, but it's definitely a minor portion.

It is possible that I have misunderstood your comment. So, I hope that you will not mind if I reiterate in order to make sure that I have understood c...(read more)

You (A) aren't particularly a "feminist"

I feel this might be the right time to re-state the definition of feminism: "the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes." (Websters)

Why isn't everyone a feminist?

No offense meant, rela

> It stands to argue however that the belief in an undetectable monster or a celestial teapot on the one hand does not add to an individual's fitness while the belief in Christianity, Islam or the Jewish faith on the other hand does. Religions increase an individual's fitness by allowing for the dev...(read more)