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What aspects of the world emotionally bothers you on an immediate personal level on a daily basis?

None. I think this is partly a function of age. I have as many complaints about the world as I did 10 or 20 years ago, but the extent to which I take these things personally or feel personally threatened by them, and the intensity of my emotions about them, have gone way down.

Why do you (not) use a pseudonym on LessWrong?

I prefer to be anonymous whenever there is not a reason to use my legal name. I see no benefit to using my legal name here.

Reopen Protest Sign Survey

Wow, that is a really toxic and hateful Tumblr post. I don’t think it’s worth this sort of respectful response.

Pueyo: How to Do Testing and Contact Tracing [Summary]

I dearly hope that no one who has this little regard for other people's privacy and rights gets to be at all involved with the creation of such an app.

"There is a real risk that these mobile-based apps can turn unaffected individuals into social pariahs, restricted from accessing public and private spaces or participating in social and economic activities."

More criticism here:

How do you determine temperature cutoffs for women's body-temperature?

Is there any reason to believe the Chinese COVID testing protocol you reference is better than the American consensus? Given that you don't have any special knowledge about body temperature, going with the consensus seems preferable.

If you're too worried about COVID to go with the consensus, the safer option would be to go a few months without seeing your partner rather than convincing yourself you can personally do the research needed to achieve an unlikely level of certainty and precision about the temperature cutoff.

How do you determine temperature cutoffs for women's body-temperature?

I’m not a doctor, but since public health authorities don’t recommend sex-specific temperature standards, why would you? The common cutoff for fever is 100.4 F, which allows margin for the ~1 degree fluctuation around “normal” that some women experience.

I agree with the other poster that some people have unusual “normal” temperatures—mine is around 97.5 when healthy—but that’s unlikely to help you since your partner probably doesn’t have baseline healthy temperature data.

Against Dog Ownership

I definitely agree with point 1. We have this Enlightenment-era ideal that relationships should be egalitarian, but in fact, that is the exception, not the rule. And I could probably make an argument that no relationship is truly 100% egalitarian.

Against Dog Ownership

Author's partial conclusions to save you a click:

  • Somewhere between many and most dog breeds should only be owned in ideal settings – farms, ranches, wilderness, etc. Owning the dogs outside of these circumstances is likely cruel.
  • Most dog owners should buy small-to-mid sized breeds with a long genetic history of high sociability and little-to-no history of work. Such dogs are the most well-suited to modern ownership. Cockapoos are actually a really good choice by these standards.
  • Unless you have a really good reason to get a thoroughbred, you should probably rescue a mutt from a dog shelter instead. Mutts are healthier, don’t contribute to the continued genetic deformity of purebreds, and can be rescued from misery and/or death in shelters.
  • Unless you have the resources to pay for a doggy-day-care where the dog spends all days with other dogs, you probably shouldn’t own a dog if you have a full time job.

This is a case of "are you asking the right question" for me. If the question is "are you giving your dog its best life," most dog owners will have to say no. If the question is "are you giving your dog a better life than it would have if you did not acquire the dog," most people who get dogs from shelters can honestly say yes. Living in a shelter or being euthanized seems clearly worse than a penned-in, neutered life as a coddled pet.

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