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I feel like capping the memory of GPUs would also affect normal folk who just want to train simple models, so it may be less likely to be implemented. It also doesn't really cap the model size, which is the main problem.

But I agree it would be easier to enforce, and certainly, much better than the status quo.

I think you make a lot of great points.

I think some sort of cap is the one of the highest impact things we can do from a safety perspective.  I agree that imposing the cap effectively and getting buy-in from broader society is a challenge, however, these problems are a lot more tractable than AI safety. 

I haven't heard anybody else propose this so I wanted to float it out there.

I'd love some feedback on this if possible, thank you!

I have a question about AI safety. I'm sorry in advance if it's too obvious, I just couldn't find an answer on the internet or in my head.

The way AI has bad consequences is through its drive to maximize (destroys the world in order to produce paperclips more efficiently). If you instead designed AIs to: 1) find a function/algorithm within an error range of the goal, 2)stop once that method is found, 3) do 1) and 2) while minimizing the amount of resources it uses and/or its effect on the outside world

If the above could be incorporated as a convention into any AI designed, would that mitigate the risk of AI going "rougue"?

Hi! I'm 18 years old, female, and a college student (don't want to release personal information beyond that!). I'm majoring in math, and I hopefully want to use those skills for AI research :D

I found you guys from EA, and I started reading the sequences last week, but I really do have a burning question I want to post to the Discussion board so I made an account.