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A notebook and a pen. Especially the Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook for me (plain, simple, stylish, has huge amount of numbered pages - 256), but any notebook will do. My life changed dramatically when I started to write some kind of a journal/diary.

Also, Bullet Journal system. It is not an object, but a way for use your notebook more effective. This notebook management system has it's own site with instruction:

So now I have an archive of my past life in form of a notebooks. It stores my photos, good and bad memories, poetry, analytical thoughts and daily to-do list. And somehow it is very different from digital storage of same things on the emotional level. I feel life more fully now, and I feel mydelf more present and concentrated.

" ...a smartphone. These get a bad rap for ruining people and their attention span but if you use them correctly and mindfully they are like the most amazing thing in the world."

Can you please suggest how to use a smartphone more mindfully? Thank you.

I didn't played this game, but played all the previous games of this studio, so I don't know truth but have an assumption. Which is: money equals possibilities. More money often means more travels, more shopping, more feasts with friends, more parties etc. So poor family with illness will have less of interactions with other people, because of their social status, which is connected to money and possibilities.