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Making yourself small

Thanks for the post! The example I came up with for low/big was someone taking up a lot of physical space and being loud in a full public transport, and for the high/small was a very established entrepreneur during a group conversations at his wife's family dinner.

Meta-tations on Moderation: Towards Public Archipelago

The moderation guidelines are currently at the end of the post and also as a dropdown menu in the comment box, so I think "learning" sets of rules won't be an issue. Concerning the lack of separation, maybe we could give users the opportunity to filter out posts with certain moderation guidelines. I get that currently it seems like each author is going to describe their guidelines in their words, but an opportunity to filter out "reigns of terror" might be useful for people who despise heavy moderation. Or at least have a little icon for every post that shows the level of moderation on that post.

Happiness Is a Chore

Have you read http://slatestarcodex.com/2017/09/18/book-review-mastering-the-core-teachings-of-the-buddha/ this post and/or book about meditation? The post itself made me decide that meditation should be promoted really cautiously and it is not a unviersal solution, so I'm curious what you would say about it.

Moloch's Toolbox (1/2)

That sounds crazy, but I like it. I expect that even if it doesn't actually fix things, it will at least give some attention to the problem.

When "I'm here" means nothing

Is there a reason you reposted a thing you already posted a couple months ago? https://www.lesserwrong.com/posts/e5YmMZ9ZAaexTJRRi/when-i-m-here-means-nothing

This sounds extremely relatable! I think what works for me when I have a fear of adopting a fake belief about who I am as a person, is that personalities are very arbitrary and fake in their nature (as in, there is no objective list of traits you objectively have, you just have a list of reactions you would have to different impulses) and so if some belief passes the "self Turing test" (me believing it is true), then it is just as real and good as any other belief I have about myself.

Unless there is something really wrong going on with my perception and my brain is actually malfunctioning and 60% of my beliefs are actually fake and no one is telling me anything because the malfunctioning can hide itself so well... Madoka save our anxious souls.

I Want To Live In A Baugruppe

Not in the US and have no friends in the rationalist community, but I would consider moving to Bay (in some years) just for the sake of living in such a baugruppe