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Common knowledge about Leverage Research 1.0

It's been helpful for me to think of three signs of a cult:

1. Transformational experiences that can only be gotten through The Way.

2. Leader has Ring of Power that gives access to The Way.

3. Clear In-Group vs. Out-Group dynamics to achieve The Way.

Leverage 1.0 seems to have all three:

1. Transformational experiences through charting and bodywork.

2. Geoff as Powerful Theorist.

3. In-group with Leverage as "only powerful group".

Given this, I'm most curious about what Geoff has done to reflect/improve and what the ~rationalist community would want to see from him in order to "trust" him again.

Fwiw, I know very little about Leverage. I've never met Geoff but I have heard a few negative stories about emotional ~trauma from some folks there.

Cult Checklist taken from here: https://rebelwisdom.co.uk/18-film-content/general/605-how-to-spot-a-cult-jamie-wheal