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Daniel Kokotajlo's Shortform

Would this work across different countries (and if so how)? It seems like if one country implemented such a tax, the research groups in that country would be out-competed by research groups in other countries without such a tax (which seems worse than the status quo, since now the first AGI is likely to be created in a country that didn't try to slow down AI progress or "level the playing field").

Embedded Interactive Predictions on LessWrong

Is there a way to see all the users who predicted within a single "bucket" using the LW UI? Right now when I hover over a bucket, it will show all users if the number of users is small enough, but it will show a small number of users followed by "..." if the number of users is too large. I'd like to be able to see all the users. (I know I can find the corresponding prediction on the Elicit website, but this is cumbersome.)

Open & Welcome Thread – November 2020

Ok. Since visiting your office hours is somewhat costly for me, I was trying to gather more information (about e.g. what kind of moral uncertainty or prior discussion you had in mind, why you decided to capitalize the term, whether this is something I might disagree with you on and might want to discuss further) to make the decision.

More generally, I've attended two LW Zoom events so far, both times because I felt excited about the topics discussed, and both times felt like I didn't learn anything/would have preferred the info to just be a text dump so I could skim and move on. So I am feeling like I should be more confident that I will find an event useful now before attending.

Open & Welcome Thread – November 2020

Is any of the stuff around Moral Uncertainty real? I think it’s probably all fake, but if you disagree, let’s debate!

Can you say more about this? I only found this comment after a quick search.

Daniel Kokotajlo's Shortform

I find the conjunction of your decision to have kids and your short AI timelines pretty confusing. The possibilities I can think of are (1) you're more optimistic than me about AI alignment (but I don't get this impression from your writings), (2) you think that even a short human life is worth living/net-positive, (3) since you distinguish between the time when humans lose control and the time when catastrophe actually happens, you think this delay will give more years to your child's life, (4) your decision to have kids was made before your AI timelines became short. Or maybe something else I'm not thinking of? I'm curious to hear your thinking on this.

DARPA Digital Tutor: Four Months to Total Technical Expertise?

Does anyone know if the actual software and contents for the digital tutor are published anywhere? I tried looking in the linked report but couldn't find anything like that there. I am feeling a bit skeptical that the digital tutor was teaching anything difficult. Right now I can't even tell if the digital tutor was doing something closer to "automate teaching people how to use MS Excel" (sounds believable) vs "automate teaching people real analysis given AP Calculus level knowledge of math" (sounds really hard, unless the people are already competent at self-studying).

Considerations on Cryonics

Thanks! I think I would have guessed that the optimal signup is around age 35-55 so this motivates me to dig closer into your model to see if I disagree with some parameter or modeling assumption (alternatively, I would be able to fix some mistaken intuition that I have). I've made a note to myself to come back to this when I have more free time.

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