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The context and relationship in which aplatitude is used important to consider. In the cited example, the platitude may well be very helpful for the person to adjust a current narrative in their life. Platitudes may at times appear to work well to help when people when they feel stuck by leaning into agreeable generic wisdom which suddenly seems applicable to their current situation. I find it interesting to consider what precedes "ah ha" moments of personal insight that seem to transform perspectives on different situations.

I think it's healthy to be sceptical of popular psychologists.

Addressing the spirit of the question, I feel that you may find maxims to be a more useful device for communicating reason-based information. They have much in common with platitudes and clichés. But perhaps maxims offer some advantages. That which seems clever makes the everyday reader feel clever, something that is witty can be entertaining to read for those who may be otherwise uninterested. Benjamin Franklin can be cited as an example of someone who put together memorable maxims.