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For someone to use these pages to promote their online store would be bad, obviously.

But it is natural for humans to pursue fame, reputation, adherents and followers as arduously as humans pursue commercial profit.

And the pursuit of these things can detract from a public conversation for the sam...(read more)

How convenient that it is also nearly optimal at bringing you personal benefits.

I doubt Retired was comparing you unfavorably to firefighters.

There is something very intemperate and one-sided about your writings about altruism. I would be much relieved if you would concede that in the scholarly, intellectual, scientific and ruling-administrative classes in the U.S., credible...(read more)

I love reality and try not to get caught up unnecessarily in whether something is of my mind or not of my mind.

I think the idea of self-improving AI is advertised too much. I would prefer that a person have to work harder or have to have more well-informed friends to learn about it.

<blockquote>But I'd been working on directly launching a Singularity movement for years, and it just wasn't getting traction. At some point you also have to say, "This isn't working the way I'm doing it," and try something different.</blockquote>

Eliezer, do you <i>still</i> think the Singularity ...(read more)

<blockquote>I'd take the paperclips, so long as it wasn't running any sentient simulations.</blockquote>

A vast region of paperclips could conceivably after billions of years evolve into something interesting, so let us stipulate that the paperclipper wants the vast region to remain paperclips, so ...(read more)

My comment did not show up immediately, like it always has in the past, so I wrote it again. Oops!

I do not consider the mere fact that something is a common instrumental value (i.e. has instrumental utility toward a wide range of goals) to be a good argument for assigning that thing intrinsic value. I have not outlined the argument that keeps me loyal to goal system zero because that is not wha...(read more)

<blockquote>Avoiding transformation into Goal System Zero is a nearly universal instrumental value</blockquote>

Do you claim that that is an argument against goal system zero? But, Carl, the same argument applies to CEV -- and almost every other goal system.

It strikes me as <i>more likely</i> th...(read more)