"If You're Not a Holy Madman, You're Not Trying"

if you're not a holy madman, you're not trying

Another Insanity Wolf meme!

Experiments with a random clock

Whatever works. I just have a rule: show up on time.

Am I anti-social if I get vaccinated now?

No. The value of getting vaccinated is unaffected by the ease of access to it. Sending it first to the places where is it hardest to distribute is inefficient: it burns resources that could have been better used. That would not be virtuous, but merely virtue theatre.

How do you keep track of your own learning?

Do the thing that the learning was supposed to enable you to do. Introspection and reflection look at the work you put in, the resources spent, not the thing they were spent for. You can only observe where it got you to by doing the thing itself.

In mathematics, do the exercises. Do variations on the exercises. Prove the theorems you learned, without reference to the books.

If learning a language, use it: have conversations in it, read it, write in it.

In statistics, analyse published papers as if you were a referee vetting them for publication.

In programming, write software. Software that does stuff you want done rather than toy exercises.

And so on. Notice how well you are doing all this. That is the test of what you have learned.

Tracey Davis and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Part 3

Invisibility Clock

I wonder what an Invisibility Clock does. Perhaps remain visible to its wearer while the wearer is invisible. But the following sentence suggests you meant "Invisibility Cloak".

Often, enemies really are innately evil.

What I'm saying is that these categories may not map cleanly onto the messy reality of a real mind.

Rationalists should meet Integral Theory

I've now read/watched a few of the sources linked to. The whole thing is pure story-telling. Not once does anyone talk about evidence. No-one talks about whether any of this is true. No-one talks about what any of this is useful for. No-one even talks about where all this stuff came from. I found a video of Ken Wilbur himself talking continuously for one and a half hours, and while I'm awestruck at the ability to do so, I am not at all awestruck by the content of it. I did not watch the whole thing, but I watched enough to decide not to.

Ken Wilbur may not be the official head of the movement, but he is its founder, source and at least unofficial guru. As the guru, so the school. I hear them talk and talk, while waiting for some sort of a point, but it never arrives.

Often, enemies really are innately evil.

Dragging people down is a strategy, not something terminal.

Caching strategies without a functioning cache invalidator turns them into terminal values.

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