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"Prompt engineer" is a job that AI will wipe out before anyone even has it as a job.

“I feel” are an amazing technique to deescalate conflicts and built rapport. You cannot disagree with my feelings! That’s quite powerful.

Too powerful. You can say anything, claim anything, under the guise of "feeling", and shut down anyone who disagrees, because "muh FEELINGS!"

Every sentence beginning "I feel that" is false, because what follows those words is always a claim about how the world is, never a feeling.

That would depend on the university's rules and customs. I think a general rule of thumb might be that a bachelor's thesis may contain new research, a master's thesis should, and a doctoral thesis must.

Assuming that the Moon is made of cheese, what sort would you expect it to be?

Goodhart is the malign god who gives you whatever you ask for.

"Parasite gives wolves what it takes to be pack leaders", Nature, 24 November 2022.

Toxoplasma gondii, the parasite well-known for making rodents lose their fear of cats, and possibly making humans more reckless, also affects wolves in an interesting way.

"infected wolves were 11 times more likely than uninfected ones to leave their birth family to start a new pack, and 46 times more likely to become pack leaders — often the only wolves in the pack that breed."

Could such a thing be developed right now? It wouldn't take any more AI than the recommender systems optimised for clicks. But I'd prefer it be and be called a servant, rather than a "guardian".

Compare with current culture wars. There are plenty of gullible people around, ready to accept all the mud thrown at them and beg for more.

ETA: For example, Gianni Infantino.

If my uncertainty about a proposition is itself a truth that I want to convey, then I should convey that truth (concretely, not just by sprinkling the writing with vagueries like "I think" or "it seems"). If it is irrelevant to the purpose of what I am writing, I should leave it out.

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