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Can you find that article about cupholder man-years?

Same thing as 'multiple competing goals', where those goals are 'do not be part of a causal chain that leads to the death of others' and 'reduce the death of others'.

I fear bees way less than I fear super-torment. Let's go with the bees.

What does it have by way of input?

Have you read Transmetropolitan? This is actually a major sub-plot. There is a significant quantity of people who had cryonics, were thawed, were released under their own recognizance in to an unrecognizably bizarre future, and promptly became homeless, desperate vagrants.

edit: ignore this comment, redundant with discussion from DataPacRat

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I can't. But that sounds like a more useful question!

"Not all data is productively quantifiable to arbitrary precision." Hoard that, and grow wiser for it.

Why is it important to quantify that value?

I live my life under the assumption that it is correct, and I do not make allowances in my strategic thinking that it may be false. As for how hard it would be to convince me I was wrong, I am currently sufficiently invested in the atomic theory of matter that I can't think, off-hand, what such evidence would look like. But I presume (hope) that a well-stated falsifiable experiment which showed matter as a continuum would convince me to become curious.

Are you sure that you really want to have done Y? Maybe you just think you do.

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