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Politics and Awful Art

I've always felt that constraining yourself to poetry that rhymes restricts both what you can say and the artfulness with which you can say it.

Guardians of the Gene Pool

Caledonian, shouldn't you check up on who currently owns the word 'reasoning' before stating that?

I guess there must be some sort of register somewhere...

Leaky Generalizations

I hate to be a pedant (no really!), but most humans have eight fingers and two thumbs.

Torture vs. Dust Specks

Hmm, tricky one.

Do I get to pick the person who has to be tortured?

Hold Off On Proposing Solutions

AI's need Emergence too. Make sure to add some of that to the soup ;^)

Cached Thoughts

Surely if only the greatest thinkers thought it, everyone else who holds it to be true has it cached?

We Change Our Minds Less Often Than We Think

In the case of Divorce, the reasons cannot always be taken as evidence for the marriage having been a mistake to begin with.

Things happen and people change.

Why I'm Blooking

If you had the time, National Novel Writing Month might be a useful exercise for you!

Say Not "Complexity"

Aren't we understating the role of labels in brevity here?

Where the labelled thing is understood well enough by the labeller and listener or of trivial importance to the problem domain, don't labels contribute to cognitive economy?

I'd have said when you need to get things done, fear of wasting time is desirable rather than deadly.

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