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Don't think too hard. In fact, sit on the floor for a while. :)

I guess I'd say that when thinking gets too intense for your mind's environment, do you start thinking really hard about something that might seem like less thinking because you're being fed the thought?

When lifting weights gets too intense for your body's environment, do you go to the next room and start dancing to cool off?

...does that relate them well enough?

Considering that this is an observation of an experience as it applies to the process of "abstraction in the highest", I think perhaps some abstraction in your path to understanding can be helpful.

"inverted stupidity" is too complex.

It's just stupidity. We're always thinking exactly only of ourselves. All we CAN think about is ourselves.

Other people can organize things in new ways and show you with sometimes profoundly stupid patterns.

You say it yourself, Eliezer: The universe whispers of a mundane truth. I think that the mundane truth is that everything you think of is some degree of stupidity, were I to define stupidity as a feeling of reeling from the unknown... trying to catch your balance as opposed to falling and just seeing what it means to let yourself be stupid for a moment and feel the pain.

Our obsession with anticipation, were it complete, would lead to convoluted and always wrong, for lack of perfect information, experience stop-signs.

Would it be such a stretch to call "stupidity" and the act of catching yourself on a flimsy surface quite one and the same?

Catching yourself for now so you can prolong the experience of imagining what wrong might be.