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Ok, if the IPs were the same I suspect some user(s) of the community went overzealous. This should not be taken as representative of the community and/or piwo. I know he has very strong opinions about education but I would vouch for him and pretty much guarantee that he did not try to upvote himself with fake accounts. Sorry about the mess.


PS: I respect that you did not delete piwos comments and can understand that this all looks a bit fishy and hope you can take it all with a bit of humor. At least you're not the Signal admin that was overrun by Elon Musks followers :)


I don't want to make this into a big internet argument but an explanation is in order I think. My account is incidentally also only a few days old so I won't be mad if you think I just created it for the upvotes.

This article made the rounds in a community. I strongly suspect many of the members upvoted piwos comments. I am pretty sure there were no VPNs etc. involved.


Nice article. Like Nielsen, you seem to have discovered Incremental Learning for yourself.

If you want the whole package in software (i.e. not only the SRS part) give SuperMemo a try :)