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Most people who try to make all their beliefs fit with all their other beliefs, end up forcing some of the puzzle pieces into wrong-shaped holes. Their favorite part of their mental map of the world is locally consistent, but the farther-out parts are now WAY off, thus the crank-ism.

This is not true of all non-compartmentalizers - just the ones you have noticed and remember. Rational non-compartmentalizers simply hold on to that puzzle piece that doesn't fit until they either

  • determine where it goes;

  • determine that it is not from the right puzzle; or

  • reshape it to correctly fit the puzzle.

I think "clicky" people are people who are not emotionally vested in their beliefs.

Many people need their beliefs to be true in order to feel like they are valuable and worthwhile people.

Clicky people simply don't need that (or at least need that to a lesser extent). Instead, clicky people need to be right whether or not that means they were initially wrong.

Only three hands went up that did not identify as atheist/agnostic, and I think those >also might have all been old cryonicists.

Actually, I believe the question was "would you not describe yourself as athiest/agnostic" rather than "identify as" which is a very different question.