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Review of "Lifecycle Investing"

Young investors who shouldn’t do this.  (from the book)

  1. You have a student loan.   - pg 9
  2. You have credit card debt. – pg 119
  3. You have less than $4,000 to invest – pg 121
  4. Your employer matches contributions to a 401k plan. – pg 121    (Invest to the match before leveraging.)
  5. Your income is correlated with the market.  - pg 121
  6. You need the money to pay for your kids’ college education. – pg 121
  7. Your risk aversion is average or higher. – pg 121

Other contraindications

  1. You don’t know a great deal about finance.
  2. You have Payday loans etc..
  3. You are not willing to constantly monitor the account. 

Could there possibly be as much as 1% of the population for which this is an appropriate asset allocation?