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Rationalism before the Sequences

It would certainly be a mistake to interpret your martial art's principle of "A warrior should be able to fight well even in unfavourable combat situations" as "A warrior should always immediately charge into combat, even when that would lead to an unfavourable situation", or "There's no point in trying to manoeuvre into a favourable situation"

A Medical Mystery: Thyroid Hormones, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

I just stumbled across this and see it is in fact 5 years later! Have you seen anything interesting from GWAS so far?

Disentangling Corrigibility: 2015-2021

Note that the way Paul phrases it in that post is much clearer and more accurate:

> "I believe this concept was introduced in the context of AI by Eliezer and named by Robert Miles"

Disentangling Corrigibility: 2015-2021

Yeah I definitely wouldn't say I 'coined' it, I just suggested the name

If you've learned from the best, you're doing it wrong

Worth noting that the 'corrupt polymaths' problem only happens in areas that aren't too easy to measure (which is most areas). But like, the famous best 100m sprinter actually is just the best, he didn't need to do any politics to be recognised.

Birds, Brains, Planes, and AI: Against Appeals to the Complexity/Mysteriousness/Efficiency of the Brain

Yeah, the mechanics of helicopter rotors is pretty complex and a bit counter-intuitive, Smarter Every Day has a series on it

Birds, Brains, Planes, and AI: Against Appeals to the Complexity/Mysteriousness/Efficiency of the Brain

I came here to say this :)

If you do the stabilisation with the rotors in the usual helicopter way, you basically have a Chinook (though you don't need the extra steering propeller because you can control the rotors well enough)

Why are young, healthy people eager to take the Covid-19 vaccine?

A neglected motivation: If I'm vaccinated, and my friends are vaccinated, I can hang out with my friends again

I made an N95-level mask at home, and you can too

My understanding is the CO2/O2 thing is almost completely a red herring/non-issue. Firstly of course any mask or filter is going to let through O2 and CO2 molecules completely indiscriminately since they're far too small to be affected. And secondly you always breathe in some of the air you breathed out, since it's still in your airways. In the worst case, adding a mask would increase this re-inhaled amount by the volume of the space between the mask and the face, which is pretty small. So breathing through a mask is like breathing through a tube with the same inner volume as the inside-mask space - a regular swimming snorkel results in much more re-breathing, and is also not a problem. It wouldn't surprise me if some people are re-breathing more without a mask than others do with a mask, just because they have a longer neck or larger airways.

Any work on honeypots (to detect treacherous turn attempts)?

A related keyword to search for is 'tripwires', which might be thought of as honeypots which are connected to an automatic shutdown

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