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4 days left in Giving What We Can's 2015 fundraiser - £34k to go

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Giving What We Can needs your help!

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Six Ways To Get Along With People Who Are Totally Wrong*

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Could you be Prof Nick Bostrom's sidekick?

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The principle of ‘altruistic arbitrage’

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1: Our epistemic rationality has probably gotten way ahead of our instrumental rationality I would defend the instrumental rationality of having a rule of thumb that unless you're quite wealthy, you don't bother looking into anything that appears to be a 'get rich quick' scheme, or seek to invest in...(read more)

From a selfish point of view, I don't think most rationalists would benefit significantly from a bit of extra money, so it doesn't make much sense to be dedicating their truly precious resource (time and attention) to identifying high-risk high-return investments like bitcoin and in this case figuri...(read more)

Collectively the community has made hundreds of millions from cypto. But it did so by getting a few wealthy people to buy many bitcoin, rather than many people to buy a few bitcoin. This is a more efficient model because it avoids big fixed costs for each individual.

It also avoid everyone in the c...(read more)

"After they were launched, I got a marketing email from 80,000 Hours saying something like, "Now, a more effective way to give." (I’ve lost the exact email, so I might be misremembering the wording.) This is not a response to demand, it is an attempt to create demand by using 80,000 Hours’s authorit...(read more)

"If we could somehow install Holden Karnofsky as president it would probably improve the lives of a billion people"

Amusingly, our suggestion of these two charities is entirely syndicated from a blog post put up by Holden Karnofsky himself: more)

Thanks for your interest in our work.

As we say in the post, on this and most problem areas 80,000 Hours defers charity recommendations to experts on that particular cause (see: What resources did we draw on?). In this case our suggestion is based entirely on the suggestion of Chloe Cockburn, the P...(read more)

Yes, thanks so much to everyone who contributed! :)

I'll re-post this comment as well:

"If I was going to add another I think it would be

7. Have fun

Talking to people who really disagree with you can represent a very enjoyable intellectual exploration if you approach it the right way. Detach yourself from your own opinions, circumstances and feel...(read more)