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You *still* don't answer the question. All those links are is an argument that if all times are treated as equal, actions now will be the same regardless of the final goal. You don't say what goals you want to move to.

As for that book... Wow.

First sentences of Chapter 8 of that book: We are g...(read more)

<i>I don't know if this story has ever been written, but you can imagine a Devil who follows someone around, making their life miserable, solely by offering them options which are never actually taken - a "deal with the Devil" story that only requires the Devil to have the capacity to grant wishes, ...(read more)

Richard: You didn't actually answer the question. You explained(erm, sort of) why you think Fun isn't important, but you haven't said what you think *is*. All you've done is use the word "important" as though it answered the question: "In the present day, a human having fun is probably more useful...(read more)

Side comment: Subitizing (the not-counting thing; see ) has been rather extensively studied. I can't find good references, but it is apparently quite amenable to expertise. I have a friend who worked in inventory auditing (i.e. counting stuff i...(read more)

I'm signed up, and I consider it one of my better decisions.

I use ACS, for what it's worth, which hasn't been mentioned here that I've seen.


I'm totally missing the "N independent statements" part of the discussion; that seems like a total non-sequitur to me. Can someone point me at some kind of explanation?


My apologies for the horrific formatting; I wrote that huge diatribe in w3m before discovering the captcha needed javascript, and then pasted it here. If an admin can fix it, please do so.


<p>Before I get going, please let me make clear that I do not<br> understand the math here (even Eliezer's intuitive bayesian paper<br> defeated me on the first pass, and I haven't yet had the courage to<br> take a second pass), so if I'm Missing The Point(tm), please tell<br> me.</p>

<p>It seems t...(read more)

The experimental evidence for a purely genetic component of 0.6-0.8 is overwhelming

Erm. 0.6-0.8 what?