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One year later, in light of the ChatGPT internet and shell plugins, do you still think this is just a theoretical thing? Should we worry about it yet?

The fire alarm sentiment seems to have been entirely warranted, even if the plan proposed in the post wouldn't have been helpful.

Why is the application deadline this month if the retreat is happening next summer?

I'll be bringing Wits & Wagers, Just One, Secret Hitler, and Innovation.

Lumifer was using the word "expected" correctly.

It's awful that you were downvoted in this thread when you were mostly right and the others were mostly wrong. I'm updating my estimate of LW's average intelligence downward.

No it doesn't! A coin biased towards heads can have p(H) = 0.6, p(T) = 0.4, and each flip can be an independent trial. The total results from many flips will then be Poisson distributed.

They're Saturdays at 19:00, but not necessarily the 2nd weekend of the month. We kind of just poll the attendees at the end of each meetup and find out when people are available next month.

The meetups are ongoing! We've had meetups for the past 50+ consecutive months with no interruptions, although we had to be outdoors and sparsely distanced during quarantine.

It's another subsidy to agribusiness conglomerates, which leech huge sums of money from taxpayers already.

And it uses up the corn so it can't be sold to hungry poor people, which is bad because starvation is bad.

I'll be there! What games should I bring?

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