CS and Math undergrad at Columbia interested in pursuing technical AI alignment research (probably). Involved with running Columbia Effective Altruism and Columbia AI Alignment Club (CAIAC).

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Lots of interesting thoughts, thanks for sharing!

You seem to have an unconventional view about death informed by your metaphysics (suggested by your responses to 56, 89, and 96), but I don’t fully see what it is. Can you elaborate?

Basic idea of 85 is that we generally agree there have been moral catastrophes in the past, such as widespread slavery. Are there ongoing moral catastrophes? I think factory farming is a pretty obvious one. There's a philosophy paper called "The Possibility of an Ongoing Moral Catastrophe" that gives more context.

How is there more than one solution manifold? If a solution manifold is a behavior manifold which corresponds to a global minimum train loss, and we're looking at an overparameterized regime, then isn't there only one solution manifold, which corresponds to achieving zero train loss?