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I am a total beginner who is interested in learning Python from you. I appreciate that you are willing to try with someone who seems to lack talent, because that is where I presently am. I want to be a programmer, and I have tried several learning programs. But each time I was unable to get very far with them, even when I did everything I could to focus.


My preferred mode of communication is Discord, where I can be found as Roland✩#5579 (yes that is a star).  I will accept any incoming friend request so that we might talk. If that is not ideal I can also privately supply skype, email or phone numbers.

"Silence is golden." Ok, how golden? If two people are staying in a house together, should they actively try to avoid communicating more than what's necessary? That's not exactly easy, and I'm not sure how much benefit it has when we're sharing the same common areas anyway.