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David C Denkenberger on Food Production after a Sun Obscuring Disaster

(Then perhaps build a second such solution that is orthogonal to the first. And so on, with a stack of redundant and highly orthogonal highly generic solutions, any one of which might be the only thing that works in any given disaster, and which does the job all by itself.)

This is excellent! Can this reasoning be improved by attempting to map the overlaps between x-risks more explicitly? The closest I can think of is some of turchin's work.

New business opportunities due to self-driving cars

If it is trivial to do better with a few moments of reflection then make with the interesting comments. I see your near universal non-specific disdainful comments as a significant part of why LW is less pleasant to post to.

New business opportunities due to self-driving cars

Strongly disagree. I would be more enthused about lesswrong if it had more attempts at futurism.

New business opportunities due to self-driving cars

I recommend tabooing the word free in order to think more clearly.

Online discussion is better than pre-publication peer review

detecting previously addressed ideas is a major impediment due to non-obvious terminology.

Ten small life improvements

news feed eradicator

delayed gratification

rescue time

Increase the delay on reward loops with your phone by activating developer settings and setting colorspaces to black and white and setting animation speeds to 2x or 5x. I tried going back to 2x after months with 5x and it felt palpably neurosis inducing.

The Unyoga Manifesto

Doing yoga improved my rationality skills. If I were rewriting optimal exercise I'd add a section titled Retraining your Broken CNS.

In praise of fake frameworks

Lossy compression isn't telos free though.

In praise of fake frameworks

You can play with this right now and simultaneously dissolve some negative judgements. Think about the function of psychics/fortune tellers in poor communities. What do you think is going on there phenomenologically when you turn off your epistemic rigor goggles? Also try it with prayer. What might you conclude about prayer if you were a detached alien? Confession is a pretty interesting one too. What game theoretic purpose might it be serving in a community of 150 people? I've found these types of exercises pretty valuable. Especially the less condescending I manage to be.

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