Industrial literacy

Idea for a short story in which everyone has to take such a literacy test and is restricted to a lifestyle of only having the luxuries they understand.

"Zero Sum" is a misnomer.

Things like ad tech are often called zero-sum, when the speaker actually is trying to say that they are negative sum.

Shittests are actually good

It's easier to see if you think of them as coherence and attunement tests.

Most People Aren't Fishermen

Acting as if a 40% success rate is low for something declared to be very difficult seems weird.

Has anyone written stories happening in Hanson's em world?

Not an actual answer but Naruto fanfics are often about exploiting shadow clones and can be highly entertaining. Time Braid and The Waves Arisen in particular.

EA Relationship Status

Utilitarians code as defectors to normal people for good reason.

Covid 9/17: It’s Worse

also the EU wants you to be deficient and therefore in this pandemic specifically, wants you to die. No one is getting to sufficient d status on 200iu pills. I take 5k a day.

Covid 9/17: It’s Worse

my understanding is 60-100k iu on day one then booster shots of 30-50k iu twice more separated by several days. (have to convert from the injection amounts to d3)

Some thoughts on criticism
Probably there’s a happy medium here that is better than my current attitude.

There's a false frontier here between security and insecurity. Prioritization is contingent on where you are standing rather than being some global variable, so judging people on the basis of their response to a particular subject at a particular time is fundamental attribution error.

More broadly, secure people don't feel superior to the other people in the convo, they are okay with being at a variety of different skill levels on a variety of different dimensions. To such a person a person who is worse along a particular line might be an opportunity to help someone out, and another person being better is an opportunity to pump someone for valuable knowledge.

This sounds like criticism, but I'm writing it because I really like the post. Enough to quote it and broadcast it on FB. If I didn't I wouldn't bother. And I think this is the invisible dark matter of criticism, we don't get to see the criticism that we failed to incentivize.

Covid 9/17: It’s Worse

A classic soticism technique is to think about what ill-fortune might befall you, so that if it actually happens it won't stress you out quite so badly. In the spirit of that, consider that the FDA will probably tell people that the correct dose of vitamin D is far too dangerous and must be left in the hands of doctors once you're already extremely ill, rather than at the time it might actually prevent you from developing severe symptoms at all.

I've personally started laying the groundwork with friends and family that no, 10 pills of vitamin D really won't kill you so that if the time comes and they are having symptoms hopefully it will have sunk in enough. You don't want to try to convince people of something new once they're already scared and stressed out.

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