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I found that a tongue scraper was dramtically more effective than brushing the tongue for removing any buildup. This does make a difference for breath staying fresh IME. Much like with flossing, it now feels gross not to do it.

I don't think you need value lock in to get the desirable properties you want here. Avoiding tiling through complexity/exploration gets you most of the same stuff.

No idea on details but hedge funds aggressively attack each other over discovered vulnerabilities all the time and this sounds like such a hostile takeover what with Binance selling FTT in a (supposedly) maximally damaging way to FTX liquidity.

This is interesting, thanks for writing it. It seems to correspond to David Marr's 'pushing complexity into the representation vs pushing complexity into the traversal'.

this sounds like it hinges on calling it a lottery and explaining just enough to a friend to cause problems rather than a pithier summary or a longer discussion.

If you think there are some reasonable points mixed in there and are curious for a more academic take I would recommend The Vision of the Anointed by Thomas Sowell

Write in order to organize your thoughts, maybe read a business writing course for succinctness, then record yourself giving a short explanation of what you've learned about the topic. Go slowly as you need to to avoid filler. Watch the recording and process the emotions/discomforts with your speaking that come up via gendlin's focusing or core transformation.

My own frustrating story: had weird skin issues diagnosed as a variety of things for years and unsuccessfully treated with a variety of prescription and OTC remedies. During the pandemic I built up some spare capacity to overcome my usual maintenance helplessness around it and decided to throw literally every internet intervention for every possible diagnosis at it at the same time and then do binary search for specific things that worked. What wound up working? Hydrogen fucking peroxide. Something that many people say has no chance of working. It's been 2 years now and my symptoms are 80+% better. My belated hypothesis is that the underlying cause is something to do with skin ph and just regularly using more acidic washes and lotions (eg salicylic or uric acid) also seems to help and make the peroxide less necessary. This seems to have fallen into the hole of 'because there's an adjacent woo thing (ph is often the domain of BS fake medicine) doctors were incapable of thinking anything near it'.

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