The impact merge

Good continuation of purchasing fuzzies and utilons separately!

Pride is the deadliest sin, the one that leads to all the others. I see this idea as highly compatible with the Buddhist conception that much of our problems stem from attempts at control and ownership. You have to be the one who has controlled/owned a particular choice in the ways that matter in order to be proud of it or its outcomes.

btw is your blog named after the quip from Nate Soares about the hands that built the tools that built the tools that built these cities?

A vastly faster vaccine rollout

There were some government funded and philanthropic (gates I think) backstops, essentially guarantees of paying for losses if manufacturing before knowing if it worked turned out bad. There should have been more and faster, as pointed out by Cowen.

A vastly faster vaccine rollout

Do they have to fill out a lot of paperwork to recruit them

A medical worker who tried to sign up for vaccine administration recruitment was confronted with needing 21 pieces of paperwork showing that they had completed various trainings, many of which have nothing to do with vaccination.

My cursory reading has indicated that every part of the process is fractally like this. We are in a liability liquidity trap of some sort as a civilization.

The Hard Work of Translation (Buddhism)

I appreciate the detailed feedback! Agree with most of what you said but think it applies much more to 3rd and 4th path than 1st. After 1st path there is experiential working with rebirth, but that's kinda irrelevant for the 99.9% who aren't there. In the discourses it is claimed that householders can achieve 3rd path, and the Buddha gives quite a bit of practical advice for a happy life, as mundane as things like appropriate savings rates.

Unnatural Categories Are Optimized for Deception

Audio compression libraries aren't image compression libraries. Simulacra level 1 compression libraries aren't Simulacra level 3 libraries. So I might say compression libraries are teleologically situated. Purpose space is upstream of concept and thing-space. This leads to confusion about reductionism vs idealism but that's just because of how we're wired.

Covid 1/7: The Fire of a Thousand Suns

Aaron Gertler is helping administer crowdfunded award to Zvi for this series. You can PM him for details.

Covid 12/24: We’re F***ed, It’s Over

"Under this model we estimated a growth rate of 71.5 per year, corresponding toa doubling time of 3.7 days (95% CrI: 2.4 – 4.9) and a reproduction number of 2.27 (1.84 – 2.73)"

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