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Loving all the discussions on this topic - wish I'd know about this community and discussion when we were starting CollAction. 

I'd be more than happy to share my experiences so far and hear the ideas of the community in some kind of group call / Q&A session if people would be interested. It's actually a good time, since we're currently rethinking our strategy going forward with Just let me know. 

PS still getting the hang of this forum, so if I dont respond to questions here i might've just missed it, so feel free to drop me an email if thats the case

PPS any advice on how to change my user name from my email to another user name here? :) Sorry if missed it - cant seem to find an edit option for that. Thanks!  

Hi! thanks! I came across one other one just know, but I'll check it out a little more later - thanks! 

Hi Bob,

I'm new to Lesswrong, but really happy to find you writing about CollAction - which i set up with a few friends a while ago. I think your suggestions are really great - thanks for that! Some are very much in line with our own ideas, but we simply haven't had the resources yet to implement it (we're all volunteers and we're spending quite some time and energy on other project like the Slow Fashion Movement, which spun out of as the most successful crowdaction and started to live a life of its own) . 

So, if there's a community here that would like to build such a platform, I would say - let's have a chat to see if we can just use as a basis and build upon that. Feel free to reach out if interested

Cheers - really great stuff in your post.


@CooperSmout pointed me towards this discussion (thanks @Stoat) so I thought I'd jump in :). I co-founded a while ago while contemplating a similar question that started this thread.

I think we have a pretty ok proof of concept now and some proof points, but there is obviously still a lot of room for improvement and lots of untapped potential (some in line with some of the good suggestions here!). However, the main challenge so far has been resourcing: we're a volunteer-led project with limited funds, which makes it difficult bring the consistency and speed one would ideally like to see. This is also the reason the platform has been quite quiet for the past months.

So if there are any people who'd like to take this platform to the next level - please feel free to reach out :) 

Cheers all! Ron