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Rational Home Buying

The big difference between the two is that commuting is isolating whereas trains/subways put you around other human beings. Also, having to focus on other slow moving vehicles is mentally taxing with no obvious benefit. Being able to read, or sometimes nap, is liberating.

How to always have interesting conversations

Done. I didn't mean to imply that none of the others mentioned were attractive, but I understand the concern. Thanks for the heads up.

How to always have interesting conversations

Sure. You are having to cache each thought with certain assumptions in mind (e.g. group of people that like the singularity, people that tolerate talking about the possibility of computers, people that take fantasy seriously, a person that doesn't seem interested in any of the things that the aforementioned might). If we try to think about these assumptions as variables, attempting to cache for a future conversations quickly leads to combinatoric explosion leaving you with an impossible number of things to think about before. This forces you to consider a small number of cases that may well do more harm then good.

I also don't like cache here because of how static in implies the ideas are. Conversation, and quality thinking, are dynamic and deserve to be let evolve on their own.

How to always have interesting conversations

So the nice thing about pajek, and some other network displaying software, is that you can use algorithms that will attempt display things that are closely related to each other closer together. If I were going to produce your graphic I would:

  1. Get the graph in memory some how, for one this size I would just set up some hash maps in irb
  2. Write a text file where each line consists of two nodes that are connected seperated by a tab.
  3. Use the software here: to get a pajek file
  4. Open it in pajek and preform a physics based layout algorithim
  5. Export to png

It's pretty cool what you can get out form this (I made this: Network of bhtv coversations) and there's a lot to be gained by checked out what ends up near the center etc.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'd be glad to help.

How to always have interesting conversations

Don't know if I did, but I think this caching notion is a bad way to look at it. However, to inject a positive note, thinking about the connections between your interests is a fruitful activity that has value far beyond pre planning conversations.

How to always have interesting conversations

A png version would look a lot better. Did you use pajek to make it?

How to always have interesting conversations

I think you are thinking about this the wrong way. Coming into a social situation with a prepared set of ideas to cover is something a preacher does. Doesn't mean it doesn't have its place for certain situations, but it is not the way to approach having a conversation.

Good conversations are a complicated interaction between people. If you want to have a good one with someone, you need to hold their interest as well as your own. To extend a ridiculous metaphor a little further, cache misses in this context with cost you a bit more than a few hundred cycles, it could blow a chance at a quality interaction with another person.

I find the best technique for conversation is to try to find something that they are interested in. You never know where it might lead, and that is interesting.

Open Thread: April 2010

Yeah I like Kevin's short answer. But in general I said to Rain:

You can say you will do something. If someone doesn't trust that assertion, how will they ever trust 'no really I'm serious'.

When you make something a contract you see there are some legal teeth, but swearing to uphold the constitution feels silly.

Open Thread: April 2010

In theory but I wonder how long it has been since you were in school. In GA they got around to making a rule that if you were suspended you would lose your drivers license. Also, suspensions typically imply a 0 on all assignments (and possibly tests) that were due for its duration.

Open Thread: April 2010

Personally, I consider it very important to know the rules, laws, commitments, etc., for which I may be responsible, so when I or someone else breaks them, I can clearly note it.

Far out. That is important.

As for your story, it's something I would have done but I hope you understand that a little tact could have gone a long way.

What I was trying to get at you seem to think also. You think you are sending a 'weak signal' that you are committed to something. But you are using words that I think many around here would be suspicious of (e.g. oath and sworn).

You can say you will do something. If someone doesn't trust that assertion, how will they ever trust 'no really I'm serious'.

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